Buttercream cakes

Although I hate the flavor of buttercream frosting, there are techniques Im learning to change the flavor a bit. I hate the flavor of crisco so when I make it I use buttered flavor crisco. You can also substitute crisco altogether with butter but it is a little more difficult to decorate cakes with. To make chocolate, add cocoa powder until color and flavor is desireable.
I use Royal Icing for writing words, small details or making borders around decor.
have fun and EnJOY!
Buttercream Icing
2 lbs of powdered sugar
1 ½ cups of Crisco (regular not butter flavor)
1 tsp. clear vanilla extract
1-3 tsp. clear karo syrup

Icing should be smooth and stiff
Make sure it can form standing peaks
Too thick add tsp water
Too thin add powdered sugar

Royal Icing
2 lbs powdered sugar
6 Tbls. Meringue powder
10 Tbls + 1-2 tsp warm water

when you first start mixing this it
will be stiff and may form a ball,
keep mixing! Mix 7-10 minutes.
Re-beat after 24hrs.
Must hold stiff peak
Add tsp. of water if too thick.

Tips and tricks!
*Bake your cakes at 325 degrees no matter what the box says. It may take 5-10 minutes extra baking time but makes your cakes moist.
*You can take cakes out of oven and remove from pan, immediately wrap in moist paper towel both bottom and top and place directly in freezer-do not cool first. This keeps cake moist for prolonged time.
Place cake in zip lock bag after it is frozen (about 20 minutes after put in freezer).
*Make the bottom of your cake the top when ready to decorate, it is more flat.
*Always cut your cakes in half and fill with instint pudding, gonache or cool whip.
*When decorating, always place dap of frosting under cake pan and cake to keep it from slipping.