No Bake Chocolate Cookies

Need a simple fast dessert? This recipe is my dad's fav and one of mine too! Everytime I taste them I feel like Im a kid again! I always loved when my mom would make these because I knew it wouldnt be long before I got to eat some!
No Bake Chocolate Cookies

1 ½ c sugar
½ c brown sugar
3 Tbslp cocoa powder
½ c butter
1 tsp vanilla extract
½ c milk
1 c peanut butter, creamy
3 c quick oatmeal

In large saucepan, mix sugars and cocoa. Stir in milk, then add butter. Bring to a boil on med-high heat, stirring constantly. Cook 1 minute, remove from heat. Add peanut butter, then vanilla and oatmeal. Drop by rounded Tablespoons onto waxed paper. Let cool 30 minutes or store in refrigerator for cold cookies!