Figs and Goat Cheese

Ok, so before you just pass up this recipe thinking, wierd and no thanks, stop and copy it down and try it! It is so rich and elegant tasting, just amazing! Thanks Charlie and Crystal for sharing this delectable treat with me! Im a changed woman!
Figs and Goat Cheese
10 figs, slice top end off and cut fig in half
1 small container of crumbled goat cheese
sea salt, to taste
1-2 Tblsp butter

Melt your butter in a skillet and place your halved figs face side down in the hot butter and simmer for approx. 4-5 minutes. Carefully remove and place on a dish, face side up. Sprinkle a tsp of goat cheese on each fig halve and sprinkle a dash of sea salt. EnJOY!